Jon Burgerman — “Dont Feel Lonely”,8×11, Posca Pen and Watercolor on Paper

Alice Arnold—“Rio Walk”, Black & White Archival Print, MOunted on Black Archival Board, 5.25″x7.75″

Eunice Choi—“Prayer”, 8.25×6.25 framed, Mixed Media.

Fred Casia(Momunit)—“Pepito Harvest”, 8×10, Deigital Print

J. Ivcevich—Untitled (Hokusai interpretation), Acrylic on masonite panel

Ben Venom—“Double Down”, 5×7, Cyanotype, tea, screen-print, Carving Resin

Scott Harber—“Puroresu!!”, 8″x10″, Acrylic on Wood Panel

Yunmee Kyong--“Move Rocks”, 8.5″x11″, collage, ink, acrylics on paper


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