Nina Frenkel — “Nurse Japan”, Acrylic paint, paper, matte medium on clay board

Tomi Um — “The Feast Vol.3”, Rives lightweight paper, chipboard

Peter Hamilton — Cherry, Acrylic gouche on masonite

You Byun —  Cloudy Monsters, Mixed Media

Karl Ackermann — “Half a Great Summer”, Photoshop, Printer, Paper, Glue, Foamcore

Shigeo Okada — Looking for the natural habitat, Gouache

Yuri Shimojo — ” Peace of Shit “, Silk Screen Print

Matt Cavanaugh — “Tomorrows Portal”, Graphite on Paper

Jen Storey — ” Sacred dive “, gouache, acrylic paint.

Esther Oh — Radioflyer

Fumiha Tanaka — “Trio-hop and hoop, once again, we the trio, save the life, is the flower for bird or bird for flower?”, Acrylic and mixed media on wood.

Brian Rea — Be strong like mountain, Graphite on paper


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