Dear Japan ~170 Artists 170 Messages

Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Crisis

Relief Benefit Art Exhibition


On March 11, 2011, a 9.0M earthquake struck off the coast of North Eastern Japan, followed by the devastating tsunami and nuclear emergency. Beautiful landscapes including many national heritage sites, farmlands, and fishermen’s villages were swept away taking the lives of so many innocent people. It was one of the most powerful earthquakes in Japan’s history.
The official death toll had been raised to 12,600 while 14,700 people are still missing and these numbers are still increasing.  More than 160,000 have been evacuated to shelters and more than 10,000 have left their homes due to the nuclear emergency. The whole nation is now living under the fear of continuous aftershocks and the ramifications of the nuclear crisis.

While witnessing this event and seeing a large part of our homeland destroyed while experiencing the suffering of our friends and families, we couldn’t sit idle watching the news. We wanted to do something. As artists we realized we can send messages by art to those people who are facing the toughest moment in their lives. We want to tell the Japanese people they are in our thoughts and we are one being. May we rebuild a more beautiful and stronger Japan together.

170 both renowned and emerging artists from New York and International countries have agreed to participate in the “dear Japan” project.

The Artists are directed to write a message to Japan on the back of their donated 2D or 3D art works.

The art works will be sold at the one night benefit party held at Art Connects New York (ACNY) in the SOHO gallery on June 4th, 2011. A website will be created after the exhibit which will post the messages from those artists directly to Japanese people.

All the proceeds from this benefit event will go to the Japan society “Japan Earthquake Relief Fund” and from the Japan society the money will be donated to four nonprofit organizations in Japan—the Tokyo Volunteer Network for Disaster Relief, JEN, Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities (ETIC), and the Japan NPO Center—all on the front lines of relief and recovery in Tohoku.

Information about the event:
Dear Japan – 170Artists 170 Messages

Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Crisis

Relief Benefit Art Exhibition

June 4th, 2011, Saturday 4-8 PM
(From 5pm buyers can start taking the artwork home)
*Due to the enormous interest in Dear Japan, please bare with us for any delays when buying or taking the artwork! We will try our best to make things go smoothly!


Art Connect New York Gallery Space,
491 Broadway, 5th Floor

New York, New York 10012


Participating Artists:

Aaron Meshon, Abe Lincoln Jr., Ai Tatebayashi, Alejandra Mottesi, Alex Clark, Alice Arnold, Amanda Marie Ploegsma, Amélie Dufour, Amy Wong, ANDRECO, Andre Da Loba, Andrea Dezsö, Andrew Thompson, Angie Mason, Anka Pinczer, Anne Laval, Ariel Bordeaux, Aya Kakeda, Ben Venom, Brian Floca, Brian Rea, Bridget Parris, Bruce Waldman, Caio Oyafuso, Carl Titolo, Cecilia de Corral, C.M.Butzer, Christian Barthod, Christian Montenegro, Christina Graf, Ciou, Claire Frossard, Crajes (Carla Rendon Abad/Jessica Ruiz Sopedra ), Dan Wever, Dan-ah Kim, Dasha Tolstikova, Daupo, Dave Gámez, David Flaherty, David Sandlin, Deborah Kaplan, Debra Ziss, Dominick Rapone, Donna Cleary, Eddie Hemingway, Elena Wen, Elisabeth Smolarz, Ellen Weinstein, Emily Gearhart, Esther Oh, Eun-Ha Paek, Eunice Choi, Eve K. Tremblay, Fernanda Cohen, François Leloup-Collet, Frank Russo, Fred Casia, Fumie Ishii, Fumiha Tanaka, Gabriel Jones, Garrett Van Winkle, George Boorujy, Greg Kenton, Hyesu Lee, Harri Kuhn (Mischen), Igor Ventura, Ingo Fast, J.Ivcevich,  James Kerr, Jason Filipow, Jen Storey, Jing Wei, Joe Call, John Garcia, Jon Burgerman, Jordan Awan, Jordin Isip, Juju’s Delivery, Jun Mutineer, Junko Shimizu, Karl Ackermann, Katherine Streeter, Katie Yamasaki, Keiko Tokushima, Kerry Downey, Kim Alsbrooks, Kirsten Gabbe, Koa, Kristi Sword, Lauren Redniss, Lauren Simkin Berke, Leif Parsons, Lisa Chou, Lori Field, Luke Ramsey, Luihz Unreal, Maki Kaoru, Marcellus Hall, Marcos Chin, Marie Lallemand, Marie Losier, Marina Vandel, Mario Schambon,  Marshall Arisman, Martina Secondo Russo, Matt Cavanaugh, Matt Rota, Max & Ru :: Tiny Inventions, Max Bare, Max Bode, Mayumi Hayashi, Megan Piontkowski , Melinda Beck, Mike Egan, Miki Katagiri, Miriam Schulman, Miwa Koizumi, Moriah Ray, Mr & Mr, Naoko Stoop, Naoshi, Nathan Bulmer, Nathan Fox, Nina Frenkel, Nora Krug, Mu Pan, Oliver Hibert, Oliver Kugler, Pablo D Cano, Panayiotis Terzis, Patrick Gannon, Paul Hoppe, Paula Castro, Peter Hamlin, Rachael Cole, Rebecca Bradley, Roberta Ridolfi, Rozenn Bothuon, Sakura Maku, Sara Varon, Sarah Knotz, Scott Harber, Shawn Whisenant, Sergio Mancini, Shigeko Okada, Shon Side, Soo Kim, SooJin Buzelli, Stella Hultberg, Steven Guarnaccia , Tamar Cohen, Tiffany Ang, Thomas Fuchs, Tomi Um, Tomoko Sugimoto, Tomomi Tanikawa, Tubby Bastard, Tyson Bodnarchuk, Venetia Dale, Viktor Koen, Wendi Koontz, Will Varner, Yoskay Yamamoto, You Byun, Yuki Maruyama, Yuko Oda, Yuko Shimizu, Yunmee Kyong, Yuri  Shimojo, Yuriko Katori
Contact Info:

Dear Japan team
Mail to: dearjapanny@gmail.com

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